Re: Red Dragon

Just to remind you of how man doesn't always have the answer despite technology: Although Ebola has a 50+ kill rate. Its been around since 1976 and has come back over and over, despite the CDC working on a vaccine since the first time they encountered it. During the Obama years if you remember, it was brought to Atlanta in the form of 2 victims. Now you research to see whether or not there's a vaccine. I know Covid-19 isn't even in the same ballpark as Ebola, but it doesn't mean they have it "licked" using a bad word considering), by any means. My point is this thing will run its course, which I believe will be into next year for sure. The doctor that our bumbling President has speaking on it has said different things about getting back to "normal" and how long it could take. One other thing he did say was that we may not get back to the "normal" we once had. I'm just saying that that is what I think about the most, behind everyone being safe. Because that's where I ultimately want to be: "behind folks with my pole massaging those rumps and bare thighs. I think I keep in perspective who screwed up the situation and who's still calling the shots. I have no faith in him leading us out of this mess the way it should be done. He sees dollars first.

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