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Nobody said it was going to be "over" by this summer Guestz. In fact, we can expect it to go in waves, with a return later in the year after a slower summer (but with the virus clearly still being around). I rescheduled a trip I was supposed to take early this summer for a year later rather than push it to the fall for precisely this reason. COVID-19 is likely to come back this fall/winter. I'm hoping for a summer break.

What we have to hope for is the same thing that public health experts want, which is enough of a leveling off to reduce the exponential spread of the disease. "Flattening the curve" as they say. Now, this can't go on forever. Keeping the world economy shut down that is. People are raring to get back to their lives, and the authorities are going to have to let them when it's safe enough. They're not going to keep people bottled up forever. Not gonna happen.

Any expectation that all the risk can be eliminated first would just be plain foolish and unrealistic. All the risk can't be eliminated. When the curve is flat enough, things will open up again. They HAVE to. That means people going back to work. Back to enjoy public places and spaces. And so on, including bars and nightclubs and concerts. Because that's what people want to do NOW . . .until we're back to normal in a likely phased in approach to opening the economy back up again.

There's a chance that phasing in could be in time for some of the summer travel and events to take place that I've been looking forward to. I hope so, because if I can, I'm going! Like millions and millions of other people who will join me. If they can. But, I would be careful about planning new things for this fall. I think by then COVID-19 could raise its ugly head again.

But still, people need to keep things in perspective. We had 60,000 deaths in the U.S. from the flu last year, and nobody was panicking over that. Nobody said shut the world down then. And it happens year after year after year. Tens of thousands of deaths from the flu just in the U.S. alone. That's also a type of corona virus. The issue now is that there is no vaccine for COVID-19, which is new. Why it's called a "novel" virus. I believe that we will have a vaccine within a year as they're stepping it up. How available it will be to the masses in a year's time, who knows.

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