I must be a fortune teller as I told ya guys that a “guest” would ask me to comment stories even though I don’t have one at the current moment. I asked fellow members to politely share if there was anything new as I assumed someone could have gotten lucky with the panic buying, but I guess not.

You should have re-read my post to educate yourself. Canada has been on lockdown where a doctor thought this social distancing practise will last till fall. Everything is closed and public gatherings/events all cancelled. CERB payments made one time for 4 months but I think they will extend till end of the year. Everyone is wearing masks. Police are given fines up to 5k if you don’t do social distancing and stay 6 feet away from each other. I guess they are targeting Chikans with that rule! Lol

Is there any Swedish Chikans on this board? You guys are very lucky living the normal life. I heard you doing the opposite with open-for- business than the stay at home approach.

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