Bad Boy

Bro it’s nice to see you on the board again! How have you been? What’s your status on the board? Are you still an active chikan or have you retired?

I hope no “guests” attack me for asking for stories like they did to Buttsmasher. Whatever happened to Big T and Buttsmasher? It feels like the board is lately being contributed solely by Da Groper, Shogun and all rounder.

Anyways back to the point, have you gotten any new chikan stories to share? If not, I am not sure if it was you who posted it but I think I remember seeing about frotting a thicc black(?) girl at a BBQ gathering (something along these lines). Would love to see you post a recollection story like how Shogun occasionally does.

Here in Canada, it looks like there won’t be no trotting here for a while. As with this pandemic, Trudeau is giving all Canadians a chance to apply for CERB. I heard the CERB is for 16 weeks. My part of Canada, there was the pride parade and Carribean weekend that got cancelled. There was a news article of how a top doctor predicts this social distancing will last throughout the summer and fall. Gosh damn it! I do love the payments but I was really hoping for a fun summer. Why did the Asians have to eat the bats ?

I find it strange how the Asians created this virus yet I hear they have eased off on this quarantine especially in Wuhan. It’s suspicious for the Asians to be giving out defective hand sanitizers to countries in the Carribean, sending defective masks to Canada and sending faulty testing kits to Spain. Something is not adding up. They tried to cover up and say the vendors in Canada didn’t have the valid licenses.

Anyways to all chikans, if possible, try to post your best recollection stories. Would also love to hear any chikans somehow getting lucky with panic buying crowds for the virus.

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