Humping a Tourist (Eric: Story Request)

One of my more interesting (hopefully) humpings of a white tourist took place in 2016. She was a slim blonde, about 35 years old, travelling on a bus, alone. That last detail is important. Tourists usually move about in groups, and I find that if a female visitor is with her husband or boyfriend, as often happens, then she is much less likely to say yes. This particular visitor had clearly come to see our lewd and lascivious Carnival, which was by itself a promising sign for me.

The hunt began on the afternoon of the day after the Carnival at a bus station that services the East of the island. I got on a certain bus that had one other person standing, but not seeing any good prospects, I got off again. I kept my eye on one or two buses that were filling up with passengers. After a while, I saw the blonde appear and enter a certain bus. When I saw that she took a seat that made her accessible, I decided to follow her and try to hump her.

Boarding the bus and going straight to the side of the fair haired milf who was sitting near the middle of the vehicle, an obstacle immediately presented itself, as the couple sitting behind her noticed my bulge which usually shows in my tracksuit pants. I heard the woman say, 'just like that?' I gave them some time to turn their attention elsewhere before I started with the tourist, and I also stood at an angle, so that I was slightly backing the couple, so that they would not see what I was doing, and, furthermore, I avoided looking in their direction, so that their potential negative reaction would not put me off.

So I touched the right shoulder of the blonde with my member and got no adverse response. I then caressed her arm with my excitement and still met with no opposition. She was wearing blue jeans and a light-coloured top with no sleeves, so her arms were naked. She sat with her hands together, a good body language signal. Finally, I mounted her shoulder and began to make pelvic thrusts. Far from opposing me, she actually made a little push of encouragement against me. Soon I felt that electric shock that tells you that you are about to climax, then I ejaculated with my member pressed up against the blonde's naked right shoulder.

I got off the vehicle soon after my obviously willing participant, then made my way home. During the journey back to my abode, I enjoyed an encounter with a female primary (elementary) school teacher. She was nice and buxom, what the Russians would call a 'tolstukha', but I will leave that story to another time.

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