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Bruh, what happened to allrounder? I wonder if Black Shogun chased him off the board hahaha

Anyways, in case he didn’t see my message. I will simplify it. How’s the Chikan activity in the Carribean? As Trinidad is very similar to my undisclosed vacation getaway. Although Trinidad is more developed.

I did want to clarify my comments on majority of females being older in my area of my vacation place. I was saying that my sweet spot is the 15 year olds to 30 year olds age range. I hardly see them in my vacation getaway. All I see is older ladies past 40 or girls that look under 13. Than, if I see any girls in the 15 to 30 age range they are usually “too heavy” looking for me. I like my girls slim thicc. I don’t care which races. Is this what you experience in Trinidad? But, I always hear Trinidad gets a lot of tourists. Please share a story of you chikaning against a tourist. I would like to hear a story of you chikaning a white lady tourist. These comments are for all rounder.

Now to the rest of the board, due to this quarantine, it’s been boring. No good social events as everything is closed. Schools are closed.

DannyDaGroper, told some excellent memories.

What I would like to hear is if anybody got any frotting/chikaning done in a crowded place like a doctors office or a grocery store during this quarantine? I remember there was a panic buying where people were stocking up. Was anyone able to take advantage of this?

Where I reside, the pride parade was cancelled. I guess this blows my chances of frotting any lesbians. Although, the concerts and sporting events for the summer is still on at the moment. :) I miss my crowds especially the crowds on the bus.

I think the last time I got any chilkaning action was when the thicc white girl was coughing which the movements of this, benefited my tool to dig further into the booty hole. She eventually left to take a empty seat in the bus. Although she was coughing steadily, nobody wanted to sit with her. She was attractive though.

I see Bad-Boy is on the board. I wonder if it’s the original one. There was a long-standing member named BadBoy. Wonder if the same

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