With the current buttfuck starvation we’ve all been forced into, I’m guessing we all have that one memory they wish they could relive the most.

Mine, I definitely posted on here is from summer last year. A white teenager at a public gathering, bent over the barrier, wearing these unbelievably high riding denim shorts my God. I thought she wasn’t game because when I got on it, I did get in between those cheeks and my cock just sunk in. It was so good that I just kept pushing in and in and in and those thin shorts just wrapped around me.

But after a few minutes she turned around, looked at me, and went back forward. I stopped moving. But SHE started slowly moving up and down my fully erect cock. God. I was going crazy. For the next few hours we had a deep sensual butt fuck. Her crack never stopped moving around my cock. She’d go down low and search for my head and slowly rotate. She’d come up on my shaft and swallow all of me by pressing backwards. I’d get so deep her cheeks were sitting in my lap with my cock buried in between her. I’d feel her soft slightly exposed cheeks in my lap, but even more, I’d feel her soft legs pressed onto mine, her calf’s rubbing against mine as I was wearing shorts.

I’m so angry I won’t be able to attend this event this year!

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