Good morning, gentlemen,

I was wondering how’s the chikan activity like in the Carribean with this rona virus?

I remember you figured out my “undisclosed” vacation spot last time I went and when I was telling dem stories.

I assumed you are in the neighboring country. You know the one that people get your country mixed up with mine because of similar things.

In my vacation spot, I heard the place on partial lockdown. Some markets are empty empty. The main city market is full with people tryna stock up but I hardly ever visit there due to pickpocketing. Our health Ministry is reminding people in the country to do social distancing.

I miss my vacation spot as summer all year long. Although it’s little hard to find young attractive ladies in the part of where I am from. It’s mostly older chicks past the 40 year age. I guess majority of the younger ones migrated to USA, Europe or Canada. I.remember seeing this thicc Indian girl with slim waist and 2 big globes. She looked like she was in her late twenties and was walking around the R-Hall market with her mother. I was checking that ass out. I so desperately wanted to grope it as place was crowded but timing not right. I remember smiling at her and she smiled back.
She left with a taxi.

Another favourite reminisce is when I was buttfucking a early thirty year old store woman. She was wearing these black tights/leggings and was trying show me some padlocks to buy. I didn’t really care for it just wanted to buttfuck her. She was slim thick(my favorite kind). I had to do the Shogun digging move. Use my tool and dig into the booty hole. I was growing a hard on. Somehow her slipper fell from her foot and she apologized to me as she was in front of me. We than proceeded to the checkout and over here, things is different. There’s no barricades blocking you from the cashier/bagger. I moved behind her while she packed my bags. And started humping a little. Mostly digging. It felt good. Missed this. Hope she is still there when I return. I am hoping to go vacation during this winter time.

Anyways back to the topic, how is the Chikan activity in the Carribean?

I am back on the board as in Canada, it’s online school work.

What happened to Mr. Teen Groper? He posted a pic and told us he’s been away due to getting arrested. I wonder if he got arrested again... should have did the social distancing.

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