Re Mohammed

I have had that happen a couple of times, pretty sure I posted them on here too but possibly as Black helmet, one incedent was only fror one stop, I got on a tube train and pressed this mousy blond woman up against the glass beside the doors, she was around 25 to 30, slimish build, my cock got hard as I pressed it up on her pussy, she went bright red and was clearly uncomfortable, but she had no way to go, till the next stop where she promptly got off, lol.

The other time was much longer and infintely better, Again in the tube, this one was on the Central line, I got on a crowded train, this tall blond was infront of me she was around 22, she was gorgeous, she stood in the connecting doorway and as the train was packed I stood pressed up against her as the doors closed I leaned into her and pressed my hardening cock up against her pussy, I was of course out of my jogging bottoms, then under the movement of the train I slowly started to grind her as if was fucking her, I was taking sly looks at her, she was blushing now too I was rock hard after a few seconds, I was gentle in the begining, but I was twitching and flexing my cock, her thighs were closed too, I had managed to get my legs either side of hers this kept her legs closed, the feeling was beyind electric, then the train stopped luckily she DIDN'T get off or move!! when the doors closed, I had backed off while the train was in the platform, but now as we moved off I leaned in again and this time pressed harder, I was now fucking her quite forcefully, this stop was longer but I knew she would be getting off then, as it was a major hub, the train was moving fast we were getting moved around so I used that to fuck her harder I got really aggressive as the train pulled in to the stop, my cock was twitching wildly as well as my flexing it, I looked at her face again, red as a tomato, I liked that lot, the train stopped I stayed plastered against her till she asked to get past, I realised the was Russian too, ( I have always been very good at detecting where people come from by their accent ) I stood back just enough for her to squeeze past and that was the end of my best face to face frott ;)

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