stories from my psst

Today, I decided to spend some time in a local library. Because I have read how Gourmet Groper has seen up the skirts of many women while at the library, I too hoped to find a "spectacle" to behold. And wouldn't you know it but that I had some luck right off the bat! First thing!

Although not as exciting as GG's live report from the library way back when, my eyes did fall upon a most beautiful sight. As I was sitting at a table, a brunnette with a lovely figure and shoulder length hair walked by me. I did not get a look at her face, but she was wearing a blue shirt and totally SEE THROUGH white pants! Why, I could see her ass cheeks!

Not only that, but I could see her skimpy little white thong panties through her transparent slacks. I clearly saw the thin strip of the thong panties betwixt her butttocks cheeks with the top of the thong low on her tailbone! I continued to look at her arse cheeks and the thong panties in the crack of her butt as she walked through an open area away from me. I wanted to run up to her and say, "Excuse me madam, but did you know that I can see your buttcheeks and the panties stuck in your ass crack???" Hahaha!

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