lsst night

Last night I thought it would be a good night for humping young girls in bars, in leciester square, with the football and everything.

Unfortunately I was wrong, whilst in the bar "sharking" for plum young bottoms to juice myself on I noticed a young blonde wearing tracksuit bottoms leaning on the bar with her two juicy cheeks portruding throught the elastic material of her jogging bottoms. I wasted no time and parked myself behind this lovely young girl. Beings inches from her, I could smell the perfumed scent her neck. My cock had already turned hard, I closed the gap and pretended to squeeze in beside her.

The moment my hard cock made contact with her backside she moved away and turned around to stare at me. Shit !! she was far too sensitive, maybe she had not drunk enough alcohol. She continued to stare at me as I moved away silently to be lost into the crowd of drunks.

I want to hear about chikans who have had negative responses from women and how they have reacted. I tried to park myself behind several juicy bottoms that night but as soon as my hard cock made contact they moved away and stared, shit man !! fucked up or what !!

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