My experience

Hey guys!

I recently just found this forum and I have been enjoying everyone's story on the archives. I've been looking for a place to share my story, although not as exciting as some of yours Haha

I'm a female, 4'11, pretty innocent looking but I enjoy it when a man rubs up against me. One of my most enjoyable experience was when I was heading to college early in the morning by train. I stood by a pole with my back towards the doors. It was rush hour and trains have been delayed which made it even much more crowded than usual.

Anyway, a man stood behind me and would slightly bump into me. Before long I could feel him pressing into me with his penis. I was wearing tights so I could definitely feel a bone forming.

A classmate of mine joined on the next stop so I started conversing with her, all the while the man became bolder and bolder. I could tell he was nervous as when he went to cup my ass, his hand was shaking. I paid no attention to him, instead I pushed myself more into him to maybe encourage him a little. It worked as he fully palmed my ass.

Sadly, I had to get off the train the next stop. He followed me and I even saw him take a picture of me.

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