london dead

I had a school girl uniform. So i took it to the chinese shop in piccadilly circus. The chinese super market was open. I asked the manager if they had any massuers available. He took me downstairs. Three chinese girls were available i settled for the petite one.

We went to a room and we negiotated a price we do body to body massage providing she wears the school girl outfit.

I told her stand there as i walk behind her. Smell and lick her hair.

Then i told her to lie on her stomach. She wanted more money fucking bitch.

So i paid her extra 20 quid. Then i lay down on top of her. Pretending i was trapped in crowded train with her.

i was plastered all over her body. I moaned in her ear ohhhhh ahhhh.Spitting in her hair. Licking and smelling her hair.

She shouted your crazy. How dare this bitch say that. I spat in her ears. and shouted ahhhhh and started making slobbering sounds.

Then rammed my cock into her crack she moaned and kept saying please not so hard.

I finally came. I broke chinese whore stupid bitch eating bat soup and spreading corona.

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