Re Guestz

I hear you bro' but I am similar, the longest was when I served time and that was more than a few months, haha the first thing I did was get back on the proverbial horse too, lol and I too will be fucking like crazy, in fact my gf has already started to reap the benefits and is more than a little suspicious as to why she is suddenly getting so much more sex, lol, of course you will miss it...BUT dude just imagine when all this passes, imagine what it will be like, all those teens and 20's girls with all that pent up partying energy, of course all the concerts and clubs will be clambering over themselves to cater for it, I have already given up on this year and started to focus on the festivals and other things I can get to to do my nasty, look if things get better by the end of the summer say, I will be ready to go, but I am not betting on that, bare in mind too that by next year there will be a vaccine too, many countries are already at the testing roll on 2021!!

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