Black Shogun

i see where you are coming from. i also agree people being natural social beings too. the thing is, the turnaround will not be as near as we may hope. like Guestz said, social distancing will be around for a long time, i believe until late in the year if not later. the people that we saw outside in the news were just in some sort of denial mode so, yeah, if we were there, that would have been great lol, but the law of of the land will always have the last word. practically all of the institutions in society have come to a close, bro, with no confirmed timeframe to open. maybe some of these places that we see in xhamster etc may still be in operation as an option but places like the US and Europe etc? forget it at least for right now anyway and what i believe to be at least to the close of the year. keep hope alive for new years eve maybe

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