Re: Richard Rubwell

Theres a difference. I have always done the chikan-thing. If you read my history, I'm not constantly out on the prowl year-round trying to do it. I have a healthy sex life with my wife. As I mentioned recently, I had bought tickets for festivals and since this virus hit I thought for sure that they would be cancelled. Turns out they are postponed until the fall. I'm good with that. So that means I won't be doing any "humping" for a while, right? Now I also love groping when I get the chance. Yesterday presented some prime instances that I could have, but this social distancing has eliminated that. They are two different beast- groping and frotteurism. The latter I use to bust nutts! Groping smooth-skinned females I have just always loved to do. Long before I even knew about cuming. Yes I can get sex and be happy, but I still like groping year in year out

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