The torture of it all

The situation at hand now is pure torture on so many levels. First off, this time of year is when I'm starting to get antsy about the upcoming festivals. I've been on my winter hiatus and I'm horny to do my thing. Tickets in place and the weather is starting to bring out the skin. We got an early spring happening where I live, and of all weeks the girls are shedding the clothing and showing the perverts (who might that be?) their wares. Just today I saw more skin than I've seen since last October! I was in a Target store, and there were shorts walking around like it was late spring/early summer. I'll admit: I can't deal with that very well! I immediately started plotting how I was gonna grope a few. But those old techniques I used to use will now get me in a lot of trouble! Now there's the new "social distancing" to keep in mind. If you touch (even accidentally) those thighs there could be hell to pay! So I had to take a deep breath and forget about it! After going maybe 5 months of not seeing skin out in public, I get horny as a young man being within feet of touching these young adults! Normally I would at least have the festivals in April and May to plot my nasty, but that has all changed now.

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