Abusing quiet girl with huge tits

One of my favorite targets, I'll call her Kari. She was kind of a quiet girl and had the biggest knockers in school. Me and a friend used to talk about her tits and how much we wanted to grab, suck, motorboat them etc.
So one day she was wearing a sexy top with some cleavage showing. Me and the friend were talking about how juicy her boobs looked today. So he dares me to grab her tits. I was still kinda cowardly at the time. So he coaxes me the whole class about it until I finally agree to do it after class.
I wasnt sure how to go about it so I just nervously walked up to her and blurted out " Hey Kari nice boobs" and then squeezed them with both hands and started walking away. I was so scared she was gonna freak and I was gonna get in trouble but all she did was say "um okay" That's when I realized the phenomenon of how girls will let you get away with it.
So the next day I decided to try it out again. I walked into the class we had together she was sitting at her desk. As I walked by her desk I got a big handful of her boob and sat at my desk. She didn't say shit and that's when I realized I'd hit the jack pot. From that day forward I harassed that girl every day.
All she did was try to avoid me but I knew where to find her so I'd pass by her several times a day and smack her on the ass or grab her tit. If I saw her at her locker I'd get behind her trying to act like I'm getting into a locker by hers and hump her thick little ass. Once I got behind her in the lunch line and she was wearing yoga pants I kept my dick glued to her for the whole timeĀ  humping her so much that the lunch lady finally told us to cut it out her face was visibly red but she wasn't willing to say anything.
My best experience with her was a time I caught her walking up the stairwell alone. As soon as she saw me she picked up her pace trying to get away but I grabbed her by the hips and cornered her to the wall. "Where ya going with those titties?" I teased and grabbed her boobs and ass for a solid minute. "Please stop I need to get to class" she begged.
So I responded by taking down her bra strap and sticking my hand down her shirt. She loudly shreiked and frantically asked me to stop. I said "sure just gimme a little kiss then" she refused and pleaded so I went to stick my hand back down her bra her boobs were so big and juicy. Felt amazing it was the first bare tits I ever felt. She struggled trying to get my hands off her as I tweaked her nips. I finally let her go when I heard someone coming up the stairs but damn, what a jewel that chick was.

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