Yeah, you read it right . . . .

And have a good look in the mirror hommes. Because it's like I've said before. All you ever really do is criticize. You've never added much here in the ENTIRE time that you've been here. That's my point, and that's a fact jack! And I've said it before. Said it before, and I'm saying it again.

You showed up here, and I was "Black Shogun", and you decided you were gonna be "Black Helmet". Hmmmmmmmm? Well, I got on you for going on and on and on about flashing on a chikan-related site. You want to do that, then do it on a flashing site and not on a frot site. Nobody wanted to hear it, and you got your little feelings hurt, even whining that you weren't gonna post anymore because the longest piece you ever wrote here fell flat! Not one positive reaction. Not one. Stone-faced silence! What's this guy doing??? Why is he here?

Then, you got pissed off, and decided you didn't wanna be "Black Helmet" anymore . . . nothing to do with MY namesake . . . and "Red Dragon" was born . . . only criticizing everybody else's stuff and too LAZY to ever contribute anything of value of your own. Always what you like and don't like, and this and that. And that's it. And carrying grudges to boot! Perfect example. Guestz wrote a "story" barely longer than this paragraph, and filled with typos with only a few days to go in the month, and you proclaim THAT to be MOTM material??? Uhhh no . . . it was awarded it me that month by Ayashi. He knew I deserved it. And for the purposes of this exchange, so did you! In fact, on more than one occasion have you known it. But, your deep-seated grudge won't allow you to act in a non-biased way towards me . . . not since you became "Red Dragon".

And can't take criticism? Really? Well first of all, constructive criticism is one thing. But ABUSE is another! And second, why the hell do you feel it's your role to be Mr. "Chikan Critic" all the time anyway (while adding nothing)? And number three, all I did was point out that although we're similar, we're not the same. And then YOU go on some RANT like that was supposedly some criticism of you??? Really?! Yeah . . . I call that wanker behavior! If that's how you react to something like that, then I'd hate to see how you are when something is really intended to be a criticism of you LOL!

No, we ain't cool bruh. We ain't cool. And I'm calling you out once and for all. No beating around the bush. And like I said before. I don't give a FLIP what you THINK you know. I know what I know, and it damn sure works for me. Lots of success! And one more thing. As an old teacher once explained to me, there's actually no such thing as "common sense" . . . if there was, then everybody would naturally have it, and would automatically think the same way about how to analyze and approach things . . . so maybe just maybe . . . your "common sense" conclusions have actually got some things wrong with them when it comes to chikan. Now, instead of wanting to instantly respond by engaging in one-upmanship all the time . . . think about that.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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