Re: Guestz - Reposted Pics

Yeah Guestz . . . makes a chikan want to (un)semi-retire! Ha! I had planned to really get out there and do it up. Go out last Saturday, and then on St. Patrick's Day itself to nut in some butts. But with everything going on, I decided not to, and instead chose to do my civic duty with "social distancing". The exact opposite of what a chikan prefers huh? LOLOLOL!

So, since we aren't supposed to be in large crowds, I thought I would go dig up some good stuff from the past on Ayashi-BBS. There were a couple of stories of mine that I could remember. The one other with author unknown (Narflarf?). Then while I was searching around, I stumbled on those old pics posted by JTBORD, and I realized that a number of them were taken during a St. Patrick's Day parade! So why not? I figured people would enjoy :-D There are plenty of other good, old St. Patty's Day stories to be found as well. Just do a search.

I know we're all bitchin' and moanin' and complainin' about what this damn virus is doing to our lives. Cancelled shows and rescheduled travel plans and such. But for some people, it's much more dire than that. It's about paying the rent and putting food on the table for their kids. I really, really, really hope the worst of this has passed by May! Then people can survive. They can eat again, And chikans can butt fuck (or do whatever it is they do) . . . and nut!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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