Another Chikan's St. Patty's Day Story (author unknown)


Went out to the parade today and had a great time. The streets were so packed that I was able to ride a short blonde for a few minutes with my cock out, hidden under my hoodie and grope a few of her friends. I moved up and down a small 2 block area until I found a tall milf with a lovely bubble butt. I wasted no time approaching her. As I positioned myself behind her I noticed a short old guy right next to me on my left. I immediately recognized him as a fellow chikan.

He had his target picked out and his just happened to be standing directly next to mine. It was pretty obvious what he was up to, at least to me but everyone else around us seemed oblivious. He at one point was visibly grinding on his target when some music started playing, but overall he seemed pretty nervous. He kept fidgeting and looking around so much, I was scared he was gonna ruin things for me but luckily he didn't. While he did his thing, I went to work on my target. She was wearing thin jeans that rode deep into her crack and a light thin jacket that partially covered her ass but it's length worked to my advantage.

My cock was still out and covered by my hoodie but I prepped it last year just for chikan activity. It's a solid sweatshirt with a large pocket going across the front. I cut a hole inside the pocket so I could easily get my cock out or put it away if needed. I started out with some light bumps to see what her reaction would be. Nothing so I went a little further and applied pressure with my cock and backed off. Still nothing, so I went ahead and let my cock rest in her crack and started twitching. Still no reaction but I was getting antsy. I hate indirect contact. I took a risk and lifted the front of my hoodie up, and partially exposed my cock, and then I stuck my finger under the hem of her jacket and lifted it up and over my cock and pushed into her ass. Rode her like that for an hour and a half, swiping up and down, left to right, and occasionally pushing deeper in her crack. Eventually that familiar feeling welled up. I pushed hard into her crack and held my cock there and started shooting my load. Most of it ended up on her ass and the rest landed on her right leg. I savored the feeling and held my cock against her ass until I started going limp. I put it away and kept pressure against her ass with my hand so I could slowly dial back the contact naturally as if the crowd behind us had thinned out. After a few minutes I took out my camera and got a snap of the aftermath on her leg. I wish I could've gotten a shot of her ass, but it wasn't feasible.

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