St. Patrick's Day!

Today happens to be St. Patrick's Day! A chikan holiday! Unfortunately, with all that's going on in the world today with coronavirus, there will be no new St. Patty's Day stories coming from me. Soooooooo . . . I decided to look into the archives and find some of my old stuff:


So how did you chikans fare on St. Patrick's Day ay? I scored a high quality chikan butt fuck nut! It was in a crowded club. This black guy had his back against this concrete support column in the club, and there was this white girl all over him. I'd say she was about a 6 or 7 in the face, but she had one incredibly juicy bubble butt!

I approached from behind with my dick out and hidden by a long shirt. They were voraciously French kissing, and MAN I would sink my stiff dick right in between her phat butt cheeks and HUNCH! No reaction! The contact felt incredible too as her butt was plump, round, and soft and shielded only by some THIN black clothing.

At first, I would only do it for several seconds at a time for fear of getting caught. But then finally got damnit I decided to go for broke! I sunk my hard boner right in between her big ass tender white butt cheeks and out and out started to fuck that white girl in the ass! I was all up in her anal cavity too! WHEW!

Next, she and the other black guy started to hump in unison to my animalistic hunching motions up into her anus opening! I couldn't believe my luck!!!! He (wearing jeans and probably underwear) was grinding into her pussy and kissing her all in the mouth. I (the chikan) had my dick out and buried way DEEP up in between her plum butt cheeks! Traveling that forbidden Hershey highway!

It was so good I decided to close my eyes and bury my face into the back of her thick, curly brown mane and started kissing her in the back of her head while I butt fucked her without caution! Yes, I threw caution to the wind and was just a DIGGIN' my fully erect DINGUS all up into her cornhole! This went on for about a minute or so . . . one black guy against her pussy and another one (that would be me) in her big white ass until my dick finally started to pleasurably spurt warm spermies out the tip while shanked up in between the white girl's butt cheeks! Good, good, good! Very, very GOOD!

Later in the night I "surfed" more pretty white girl butt holes than I can even remember! I didn't get another nut for the night, but Lord knows I tried! Had some rubs so good that my breath was literally being taken away from feeling my dick worm its way all in between them cheeks! I loved it too when girls would feel me probing into a forbidden part of their strange bodies and give me that "look" . . . was that your DICK??? HAHAHA! I been killin' it Guestz! I been KILLIN' it! Chikan butt fuck nuttin' all winter long right into the spring! Now what you (and other REAL chikans) go do??? LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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