OK look Red Dragon . . .

Or BLACK HELMET! You ain't got no rings, you ain't got no rings! You ain't got no championships! You ain't got no busts in the HOF! So instead of standing there yapping with your dick in your hand trying to terrorize the female populace, and show how knowledgeable you are about something you clearly don't get, why don't you write something good for a change instead of just criticizing everybody else's shit . . . like you always do? And stop putting words in my mouth about what I said you "wanker" . . . isn't that how you get it over there . . . "wanker" LOL! You misrepresent what I say, and don't even seem to comprehend the meaning of your own words!

The conversation was centered on concerts, and that's where my primary focus was. I started at concerts and never really stopped. I'm a concert pro, and you are not. And notice . . . do you see the hardcore concert goers questioning what I say? NO! But you a concert lightweight are going to do that??? The arrogance! Your expertise comes from mostly reading about it? Wanker! I just expanded from concerts into the bars and nightclubs. But, it all began with the concerts. That's the center of it all for me.

And nobody said a girl NEVER feels or understands what's going on. I said I'm quite satisfied when they don't. And I do know that there are PLENTY of times when they DON'T, even including in bars and nightclubs where I've had a finger or even my dick gently inserted inside of that warm ass crack. And they have no clue. None! And I'm satisfied enough with that and have no need to make them feel "dominated" all the time, like you do. Perhaps its the difference in skill level (this is why you cannot comprehend the truth?) . . . and hence therefore accomplishment??? Haha!

I know another thing too. It's your speaking in absolutes that they ALWAYS feel and/or know what's going on behind them that qualifies as "rubbish"! I've been a chikan for virtually all of my life and I KNOW WTF I'm talking about! Especially when it comes to concerts, bars, and nightclubs. And you clearly do not. But at the end of the day, I don't give a damn what you believe or what you think you know. I KNOW what I KNOW hommes! And it's worked for me. That's what I'm concerned about.

Now, this all started with me simply pointing out that we are NOT the same in our approach after you implied that we were (yes, you did), and if this exchange doesn't prove that we aren't, then I don't know what does. An approach starts with a "mentality" before anything else. For example, some people seem to believe that ALL of their encounters are consensual and EVERY woman they mount "wants" them (RUBBISH!). A guy like you doesn't even belong at concerts, bars, and clubs. You don't know how to work 'um to the max.

So, just keep driving your truck (when they open the borders back up) and keep flashing your dick in your hand. The terror! The terror! OH the TERROR!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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