Re Black Shogun

Mate I know what it is like to ride at a concert, I have never said I have years of experience at it but what I do have is plenty of common sense, I also read a lot of stories from girls that have been groped at concerts and it is clearly evident that what you talk about is rubbish, there is not a chance in hell that a girl doesn't know what a cock feel like rubbing up behind her, all the dynamics in the world is not going to change that.

You tend to do a lot of you groping at bars unless I have read wrongly, bars are much less rowdy than concerts so I am certainly sure the women there know what is going on behind them too, if you don't believe me then just check out, there are plenty of stories from the girls perspective.

You stated that at concerts everybody is rubbing so the girl wont know what's going on...I think there is a big difference between some guys bumping into a girl now and again to one guy constantly bumping up and down with a hard phallic object between her arse cheeks, no matter how you might want to sugar coat it, once again read some stories from a girls perspective, then you will understand.

I don't doubt you have had girls back up on your dick, but don't assume they don't understand what is going on, I expect that 90 percent of girls at concerts don't expect a guy to have his cock out and cum on them, but then I am sure many girls just don't understand how perverted men are.

The first time a girl gets humped on a train they are not sure, but that is only the first time, at a concert it is different, the wise up much quicker because the humping last longer.

You should read about the experiences of the girls before you allow yourself to succumb to cognitive distortion...Now this time I have rambled on a bit, you might call it a rant...

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