Red Dragon Rant

First, actually, you did "saw" (say?) that we are the same with the following:

"[T]hat is the way I am, just as Shoges says, its the same for me . . . . "

Then you went on to write:

"I love the idea that I am dominating that cute teen/20's so that she can't get away or look away . . . . "

And I'm saying, NO that's not me or what I like to do. It seems to me that based on the way you've expressed yourself over the years, you are more into ROBBERY while I am the one who is more into THEFT. Not that one is better than the other . . . just different crimes. That's the point I wanted to make to distinguish your approach and mentality from mine. You're a robber and I'm a thief!

Second, once again as someone who is not a heavy concert goer with extensive experience in that kind of a setting, you demonstrate that you just don't "get it". You have no appreciation for the realities or the SUBTLETIES of what I am saying. Now, did I say that somebody doesn't feel you against them in a packed or crushed concert crowd??? No, I didn't say that, and yes it would be delusional to say such! But that's not what I said. I'm talking about something more nuanced than that.

What I said was, "I would just as soon be satisfied with the girl not ever knowing what I've done, or really not understanding what's going on . . . . " That's what I said. And that's something quite different from a girl not being aware that somebody touched her body, or is even rubbing against it. That's "par for the course" at a concert, and the primary reason for why it's easy to "steal" that crack at a show! Because EVERYBODY is rubbin' . . . but they aren't all doing it the same way . . . to get off . . . are they?

Now at a concert, or in some other similar type of crowd, yes somebody is going to absolutely be aware that somebody else is on their body, but that doesn't mean that they are necessarily aware that they are being intentionally humped . . . and if you're doing it right . . . THEY SURE AS HELL AREN'T AWARE THAT YOUR DICK IS OUT AND YOU JUST JIZZED ALL OVER THEIR ASS!!! That's what I'm talking about! To be "delusional" about that gets your ass locked up!

Hell, there have been times when I didn't have to do a damn thing. Just stand there and let her hop up and down on my dick until I nutted . . . it's SO crowded . . . and you're damn right the girl was aware I was on her butt because SHE initiated the contact! BUT, was she aware that I had my dick out in her ass crack and just spermed??? NO! I STOLE a nut out of her butt . . . and she didn't even realize it! No clue. And she wasn't drunk. And neither was I (never). Same thing can happen in a crush crowd where I as the chikan initiated the hump to get a nut. Exact same thing, and the girl really was not aware or fully cognizant of what was going on, particularly the EXTENT of it!

So yes . . . certainly aware of the body contact . . . but due to crowd dynamics NOT always aware that they are being intentionally humped . . . and especially to the humper's BAREBACK CLIMAX DELIGHT against their butt! Seek first to understand before seeking to be understood. And better yet, do not attempt to speak with authority on things that you really do not understand.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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