Groping the popular girl at school (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

So continuing all my favorite stories from my 10 year groping career. In middle school the girl all the dudes wanted was named Val she was really cute and thick. Had an ass to die for. Once during lunch I was behind her in line. I decided to try to go for a discreet grope. I got close and brushed my fingertips on her ass. She immediately turned around and started loudly outing me as I denied it. Claiming it was an accident. She embarassed the fuck out of me and made me question if I should even do it anymore.
Then much later in the year I was walking in the hall and Val was about 10 feet in front of me talking to some guy. All of a sudden the lights go out, completely dark in the school. Something was up with the electricity that day. Then all of a sudden it hit me, the cover of darkness. I followed the sound of her voice and grabbed her big ole ass. Squeezed it about 3 times as I heard her yell out "what the fuck!" I scurried to the opposite side of the hall. She's yelling saying "who the hell grabbed my ass?" Then the lights come back on and she blamed the guy beside her. I'll always remember how satisfying it was to get revenge on a target who called me out.

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