Re Black Shogun

I didn't saw we were the same, of course there are differences, you say you're happy to do the nasty without her knowing about it is just delusional and I am not calling you out or anyone else who feels the same I am just stating what I have said many times before, women know what is going on unless they are very drunk or high, if they are not they put up with it and shut up because of social conditioning, they don't want to make a scene, that is all, I mean I am sure you know when you're in a tight crowd if some guy bumps your butt, I sure do and I ALWAYS look around to see, simply because it could be a pick pocket...when you apply the same logic its beyond doubt that girls are aware I mean come on! Even though I am not bothered if a girl is showing some signs of discomfort I don't want her to be upset, or cry about it, there is a difference, I also back off if they are showing real signs because they are the ones who will report it, I just don't feel bad afterwards, there are much more serious things happening in the world to worry about just because some guy pressed his hard on into her arse or arm, get over it already and I have felt that way for years.

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