Re: Black Shogun

Haven't completely given up yet, but here's the deal: The tickets were sold early-on, and at the prices they were (right before Christmas) I opted to pay on a monthly installment so I would have to think about it. Just as the last installment was withdrawn this virus-talk started. The website is still advertising and selling tickets! They are moving forward as if everything is smelling like roses! But on social media attendees are notifying the site of their displeasure when it comes to info. Now the state is banning gatherings of more than 20 people at a time- all while the promoters are still pushing ticket sales! This is some bulltwat! It's now a wait-and-see to see if they'll do like Coachella and reschedule. But the other problem is whether or not the scheduling will now work , being that it was a 3-day event. Now mind you, I have other shows that I've purchased tickets for, but luckily I got insurance of those tickets.

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