Re: "Does it have to be a stranger"?

In about 100% of my targets nowadays it's strangers. This is because I'm married, with grown children, and I have to do those that have NO connection to anyone in my family. Decades ago I groped an in-law, got screamed on (in private), but was able to convince her not to say anything after an hour of gut-wrenching begging. Not a good situation and one I regret immensely. I'd groped her so many times with no reaction that I good carried away. That can't ever happen again. But back when I first started I actual "made my bones" by humping and groping girls at school. They eventually caught on to my antics, but played the game for years. That's how I discovered that I could do it to strangers if I could identify their body language as I advanced my behavior. It took years, decades, to develop my craft, and after all that trial and error it's hard to shake it. As a side note, this coronavirus may be an unprecedented kink to really test all of our abilities. Oh and BTW, it's official in my area that there will be no festivals for a great while, so I just lost hundreds of bucks!

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