sweet Catholic nun

Just yesterday, around 09 hrs, this nicely built nun groped her as usual I wasn't wearing any underwear at all, as I was passing at this packed govt venue with both just turned 18 and older people waiting to get their National registration cards. I was all geared up looking for a target, as I really like the married ladies coz they're the best, to my surprise, just spotted this Catholic nun in I crowd, & very fast I squeezed myself thru the crowd & in no time I was right behind her and for sure these ladies misses our shaft a lot. she was putting on very thin material & she was putting on a g string I guess coz she was just too soft just like me, no pants just hungry balls in my sweat pant. she was game am telling coz she was really pushing on my penis the moment she felt it and bouncing her booties side ways pretending like playing a game with her phone. I really enjoyed esp the crack, put my penis direct in line with her crack and she could enjoy my circumsized erect penis to the full. She's the best for 2020, I enjoyed till was wet. Missing you mum nun

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