Re: Black Shogun/ Big T image

Semi-retired Bkack Shogun speaks the truth, and if you want to stay out of trouble, heed the words! But one thing I wanted to comment on: There could possibly be more to this photo than we see. That guy could be there with a girlfriend or a sister. The only way attention would be deflected is if it was obvious that he was attending that show with a girl/girls. It can and does happen. I recounted some time ago a situation where I was at a festival with a majority white/young crowd. Someone openly asked me with obvious dismay did I like the performer. Not expecting the question but being a quick thinker in the situation I immediately responded with my answer- I said "I only know about the artist because of my daughter and her neighborhood friends, who I volunteered to escort to the venue. I got separated from them but they are up towards the barrier somewhere, and I don't want to get that close". Those that heard the discussion around us started smiling and saying "what a great dad I was" for doing that! No more questions or problems the rest of the day, as I groped and nutted on some of those white girl thighs and asses.

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