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That photo is obviously from a concert with a heavy skew towards female fans given whoever the artist is. There are plenty of artists with cross gender appeal where you will see far, far, far more guys (and chikans) in the crowd at their shows. So yes, the community is small, but it isn't that small!

Another word. Chikans should think long and hard before they ever go to a show like this where the crowd is virtually all female. You're going to totally stand out, and you're just going to draw unwanted attention to yourself with people asking why you're there and looking at you funny. And plenty assuming you're just a pervert (assumption correct LOL!).

Remember, there are many keys to successful chikaning. It may be easy to do at a concert, but you still need to be able to blend in so you can have "cover". So, a girl-heavy concert may seem like a "chikan paradise", but I highly recommend that chikans do not attend such shows for safety reasons. Pick age appropriate concerts with a nice mix of guys and gals, or even heavy with guys but with a critical mass of girls thrown into the mix too. Enjoy! And be safe!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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