My first grope, Mary the senior. (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

I'm 22 and recently retired from groping for good. Having some strong urges to go back so I thought I'd share all my favorite stories try to relive the moments. I'll start at the first ass I can remember touching. You never forget your first, at least I wont. My first dive into the world of groping was when I was 12. My 6th grade teacher had an assistant in my class, a girl who was a senior. Her name was Mary, she was brunette and had such a killer body.

There's no public pics of her that do her justice for real. Her ass was so damn fat, there's a reason I failed that class. Every day she would sit at a desk at the front and I was right behind her. I would just sit and marvel at her big juicy ass all day.

Every guy in class talked about her ass and wanting to bang her. One day I finally decided I wanted to touch it so when class let out I trailed behind her and slid past her and ran my hand across her butt. I still remember how warm and soft it felt, how plump and distinct each butt cheek felt. How surreal it was that I had touched a butt that damn nice.

From that day I was hooked, I would "accidentally" got a breif feel of Marys ass every day. Most days in that class were spent staring at her ass as it bulged out of her seat. Kinda like this.

I started reaching up and rubbing and poking the her bulging ass during class. She would look back at me but never said anything so I kept on with this. I notice she started leaning forward in her seat to where her big ass was protruding and her shirt would be lifted showing her back. Some days she'd have a thong sticking out which drove me crazy or even better she'd leave her ass crack poking out all class. I think she definitely was trying to tease me and got a kick out of it. I looked forward to last period every day so much.

On the last day of school I walked up behind her and gave her a full on grab on her big nice ass. She was startled and then turned around dI was trying to book it and I heard her yell out. "wow, at least you quit being a pussy about it" Little did she know she opened up a whole new world to me that year. I had a taste of blood I realized I could get with that hot girl, I can touch that nice ass if I want. The world was my oyster.

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