Girl In The Office

There's an Ethiopian girl that works in the medical office I work in. I watch ger around the patients and staff and I notice something: she doesn't worry about her private space as much as most girls that are as pretty (she's stunning) as her. I've brushed up against her several times. And sometimes when she comes to me to ask questions she gets close enough to where she's leaning against me, which gives me a hardon. I kept thinking about her then one day while listening to her talk about her life it dawned on me: this girl has lived (she's 40ish) a sheltered life. It all started making sense: she's not used to guys trying to touch her or hump her because she doesn't get out in public spaces that would allow that. She's one of those that wears traditional clothing when not at work. But I notice that in the office, because she wears scrubs, she bends over a lot, sits with the top of her ass showing (which drives me insane) and does things that if she had on her traditional clothing would not be a problem. Twice this week I caught her bent over a desk with her open cheeks begging me to mount her. When I walked up behind her to ask another coworker a question, instead of her standing up or repositioning her unlady-like position, she just continued to lean over in front of me! Had she been naked it would have been the perfect doggy-style fuck! What makes it hard to swallow is she's about 5'11" tall, which puts her ass in the perfect height for me to mount. Damn! I'm hard as a rock just thinking about her. This kind of thing is what keeps me in this game.

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