Coronavirus buying frenzy

I'll say this- I had a freaking ball today groping all types of females in the crazed grocery store frenzy! Gosh almighty, it's warm here and there's spandex EVERYWHERE you go, from Walmart to grocery stores to the pharmacy. Got in 10 deep lines and nudged my pecker into several targets with no reactions. Al of them were on the phones making plans for what seems like Armageddon! One sister with a B-you-tee-full body in spandex and no underwear was with her 6-7 year old son. I was creepily hanging around eyeballing her body, waiting for a chance to grope her and she made it real easy for me: positioned her shopping cart in the middle of a tight aisle so when I passed there was no way I wouldn't touch her. I excused myself as I went by, but she just had a blank face, turned her ass to me, and I ran the back of my hand from her left cheek to her right! No words or reaction was exchanged, so I did it again. The only thing that stopped me was I noticed a 40-ish white guy coming down the row, so I held up. Turns out he was there trying to do something similar! I had some more great chances: she saw me posting up to try again, and her boy was fidgeting around the cart, so she moves him to the far end of the cart and then leans over into the cart like she's examining one of the items she was buying. If the white guy hadn't been drooling at this point I would have gotten a handful! Gosh!! I can't believe how good this chick was trying to be to me!

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