Re: Buster

Im sure some of the others can vouch for me on this because if they've been at it long enough they have plenty of experiences. But Busters last post rang another bell for me and reminded me of a situation that happened decades ago. I was at Venice Beach working a busy warm Sunday afternoon crowd, and came upon a perfect opportunity: A maybe 18 year old bubble-butted brown skinned morsel that was in the Peru spot for me to get busy with. The street performer had a large tight crowd and I was nuzzled in right behind this girl, with an already raging boner. I got "in" her and started grinding slowly, but she moved. I waited a few seconds and mounted her again, but it only lasted long enough to make me want to shift gears, then she moved again! The next few minutes I tried again, but the young morsel shocked me- she quietly turned to me and whispered "I'm sorry, but I'm not that kind of girl. Pleases stop". I felt horrible! I immediately apologized and moved on, without incident. I left the boardwalk after that. I was back there the next week!

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