Buster the consent fiend

I just recently apologized to a girl for groping her repeatedly. The sad part was she was trying to rationalize my behavior for me. She has a banging body and I enjoyed my time with her, but just remembering the looks she would give caused me to cringe. Plus she made a big decision I felt had implications that dealt with me so I wanted to save my ass if it ever pops up that I have less than model behavior when it comes to consent. We talked it out and she is acting weird, but it feels freeing that I acknowledged it with her and apologized.

Now despite that I wouldn’t exactly say I am reformed. Just recently I was at a celebration and I was looking for situations I could let my hands and crotch party as well. I mostly pussyfooted out of it due to guilt, but near the end I was starved for anything. I almost resorted to butthumping a close friend of mine who has feelings for me and I know I can use. I resorted to lowkey backhands and palms of girls in my surroundings instead. My close friend seemed disappointed I wouldn’t jump her, but trust me even though I’d be angry seeing another guy do it she has too many complications for my life.

I got a little naughty during the highlight of the night and rammed my jean enclosed dick in some well formed unreacting cheeks dead center. She was away from my friend and moving towards somewhere with black leggings on and from the jiggle probably no underwear. I was plastered to her and she wasn’t reacting just creating a nice rhythm with her ass on my dick. Felt like her her ass was kneading my dick because of how close we were walking together mmmmmmmm! Only the celebration covered how absurdly close I was. I felt pulled into the rhythm of her jiggling ass. Her ass felt like a vortex! I wish I wouldn’t of had jeans on but evenso I was enveloped by her. She got away but I found another friend of mine in a group photo crowd I just dropped any pretense mashed myself into her before anyone could get behind her. I was shocked by my audacity but my friend target looked back with a little twinkle and smirk. She is a petite well shaped girlie girl with a miniature but lovely figured ass. I was abit shocked but know she also enjoys me like my other friend and she’s rather simple to me and she looked hot in black leggings. I didn’t have long but I just wanted any sensation after the overload that was the first hump. I lightened off her and began to get on my tippie toes and back down to rub up and down her ass in an illusion I wanted in on the group photo. She started doing it too!!!! She was definitely wearing undies due to the firmness, but I was wearing jeans so I had already messed up by wearing those anyway. She joked She was too short to get in this photo While rubbing her ass on me. She was rocking up and down into my lap. I joked with her too but it was flat humor, I was focused on the very round thing moving on me right about then no time for jokes lol! It didn’t last long because a photo had to be taken, but it was fun and no one suspected a thing around us! I left and that was it for the night. The last things I did was say goodbye to my close friend who I didn’t hump, covertly eyed up the girl whose ass pulled me in, and funnily enough by the request of my other friend, who I rubbed earlier, saved her from a pervert! She deadass asked me to take her away from him lmao! I felt so bad for him, but every man for himself yknow.

My lesson from all of this is I am a frot with a guilty conscience and a growing ability compartmentalize my actions.

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