Oh man

Man. I had a very interesting encounter with two women today on public transport.

Today I wanted to rub my cock on women’s hands, I didn’t want booty. I had several successes but this one with two girls was very exciting.

I had it faced upwards but underneath my t shirt. HOWEVER, my balls become exposed when I get hard as my t shirt isn’t long enough. So I’m holding the pole and when the two girls are about to hold the pole right at cock level they notice my balls - now they normally don’t but these two did. They just kept looking and looking and looking. Giggling to each other.

After a few minutes, one of them begs to swap with her friend so she can hold the pole properly. She puts both hands on the pole, practically making a fist right on my swollen cock. Man. She just kept moving it a little and swapping from looking at my cock and my face. I would slowly move left and right and just feel her fist putting pressure on my shaft, almost like it was pushing my whole length to the side. I would throb and every time she’d immediately look at my dick.

When her friend saw what she was doing, she joined in and started lightly stroking my balls. OH MY GOD. I could not believe this was happening. When they noticed what the other was doing they just looked at each other. These women man. The friend only stroked my balls for a little bit before she moved away. But the friend, the friend did not move even long after, not even when space became available. It literally took even more time to pass, and for her friend to loudly say do you not want to come over here there’s plenty of space. After that they both kept trying to look at my groin area. When they were getting off one of them practically grabbed my bicep.

I honestly would have came bucketloads if I had maybe 2 more minutes. The whole ordeal was probably about 15 minutes. Every time I start to slightly forget just how much these women love a random dick, I am reminded.

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