Thanks for the reply! I think the subject of consensual is a grey area. I’ve found players before usually at concerts where a girl will explicitly grains back on you. Moments like that are rare and you’d be lucky to find one probably like 1/50 or more?

I understand your point though about the struggle and yes it’s a little thing if mine that probably makes me a grade below how low this fetish already is lol.

Players are easy to define but are most females we Chilean players? Are the ones we think are players not really? If you go into sites like or other forums you can read hundreds of stories of women sharing their experience of being ‘sexually assulted’ in crowds and most of them don’t like or enjoy it- but they don’t do anything or move away- yes they can- but if you read what they say most of them freeze and are unsure of what is actually happening to them and by the time they do it’s too late. Google Ellie Cosgrave - Northern Line. The train half emptied and she didn’t move away the Chikan ejacualted on her legs. He probably thought she was game- she wasnt.

Point is that I don’t think most women are game, it’s a fear an unexpected one that probably throws them. Yes there are players but think about it- does a random woman want a stranger rubbing his junk on you? Probably not.

If you read more into Frotteurism some have said it’s a disorder that in the groomers mind the woman enjoys it and he formal an emotional attachment to the victim.

It’s a tough game what we do. There are players yes. But majority of victims - probably not.

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