Re: Perverted man/chasing tail

Okay, for me Perverted mans approach is not for me. When they are cornered and clearly not enjoying being almost "raped" I don't get joy out of the experience. I prefer that my target doesn't know, doesn't care, or actually is turned on by what I'm up to. What really gets my juice flowing is when my target realizes what's happening and is almost giddy with excitement. I had one at a venue once last year that did exactly that. I was close up on her when she looked around to catch my pole poking through my thin shorts. She had to liters bite her bottom lip to keep from smiling. From then on I had to keep up with HER gyrations! In this scenario there's no need to worry about what she might do at the end of our romp! I busted a seriously nasty Nutt all over her lovely backside, slathered my cum on her dress and the back of her thighs then left. No worries, other than who would be next! I'm not telling anyone not to do what "perverted" did- to each his own. But why risk upsetting them? I learned long ago not to repeatedly harass them especially when they feel creeped-out!

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