Chasing tail

Had a wicked way with this student today in the pic. Had to follow her to get pics. Got a few more close up but none from the front. As she saw my face after mashing her so didn’t want her to see me again lol.

She is a college student must be 16/17 18 max but no older lol. Tiny little body. She gets my bus everyday, it’s a public use bus but gets very busy during rush hour. Up until today I have had the occasional touch but today I got her good and hard and made sure the little slut felt every inch of my cock on her body.

Today the bus was packed as always but a little more so than ever. I knew I was going to get her so I got all up on her arse as we got sandwiched on. School kids around us were pushing and shoving so I used the momentum of that to really go for it on her. I was pressed against her, her back against my chest, her bum right into my groin. She’s only small so I opened my legs wide so that my inside thighs were wrapped around the outside of her. I also love her small little feel so I wrapped my feet around hers, she tried to move them but I wouldn’t let her, the sensation of feeling her toes wiggle through the leather of her shoes against my trainers was really nice lol.

Anyway I pulled my cock out over my boxers and but under my trousers so it was free. My dicks big and it’s so blatant when it’s out (not bragging just saying) I couldn’t help it when it started throbbing about the place. I was literally dragging it all over her left right and centre and pressing it harder into her she would need to regain balance. She became uncomfortable and tried to look around and back at me. I could r sense she was uncomfortable but I just knew from my guy she wasn’t one to complain but would rather take the ordeal than speak up.

I really got her good especially as the bus jiggled along I didn’t need to do to much but just push forward and make her unbalance as I forced my way up her arse.

Good times! I’m going to leave it until next week before I get her again but I’ll try and get some more pics. I love that she always always always wear a skirt. Usually they are much tighter than this but always short and slutty.

Happy times.

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