Re: Max Mond - Subways versus Concerts & Bars

Max, not to sound overly critical, but your comments show that guys who don't work the concerts really just don't "get it". Pick the right concert (very easy to do if you know the popular music scene), and you are virtually guaranteed some good riding! Extremely high odds in your favor. You're gonna chikan butt fuck. And you're gonna nut! Multiple times even! And not get busted. Even with your dick out.

As for the bars, yes you are right that there are concerns about being able to escape the scene if and when you feel you need to. But in my way of thinking, the challenges with respect to that would be even greater on the subway. I mean, you are "trapped" until that thing gets to the next stop, the doors open, and you are able step out of the car. But even then, you still aren't home free with cameras being all over the place in subway stations these days. You have got to be out of that station and gone!

If you want a high level of safety with high odds of success, I say go with concerts (especially if you're new at this). And as far as the bars go, I'll take those over the subway since, in most cases in a bar, I can seek to leave at the precise moment I feel that's what I should do. You can't do that when riding the subway and something goes askew.

The other thing about the subway is that the pleasure is just too fleeting for my desires. A few minutes here. A few minutes there. I've been at concerts and chikan butt fucked the same or multiple girls for hours on end! The same thing at the bars. Ride ass crack literally for hours on end. Nut. Keep riding. Same girl, or another one.

At the end of the day, each guy has got to pick what set of circumstances will allow him to do his best work as safely as possible. Some can't get away to concerts. Some may live in a city where there is no subway. Or, it may be a small town where the bars are few and don't get so packed. But generally speaking, for most people, I would say that the concerts are the way to go, especially for newbies. Now, as you build up your skills or "practice" if you will, then you can move on to other venues with a degree of confidence.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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