Interesting Indeed

When I first found this site, I saw this site was overwhelmed by how many people related to my desire and actually acted on theirs with success. After spending time on this site and starting to understand this niche I have become irritated. Irritated because there are so many times when I look around and see a situation my chikan mind considers gold! Like that bitch could’ve gotten felt the fuck up with little consequence by that dude, but he is not a chikan. So she gets away and he gets no ass. The worst part is watching this happen inches away from you because then you look back and say could’ve done so much. I also hate white knights which is self explanatory, Lastly I hate watching a chikan around me seize some gold right around me, but not in my access at the moment. The only bonus that gives me if I get a chance later on is I learn if she’s a player and in what circumstances she’ll become one if so. I peruse photos like that too wondering who’s getting doggied or handled out there in the crowd and if I spot one wondering what type of ass she has. But with all that in mind this is a chikan mindset and we are a super looked down upon niche. As the guest below me shows us a vast majority of people consider us disdainful and honestly at times I do as well.

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