Re: Max Mond

Max I do know your trials well. Like I said, it's what the consequences might be that you can't risk. I've got that sort of thing going on right now, but luckily I've been in the situation so many times in my life I know to not push it. There's this Ethiopian beauty that has always kind of flirted with me in her sly little way. She's married and so am I. She knows my family. But so many times I've caught her looking hard at me. Well lately she finds a way to get up close to me. In the lunch room, in the conference room, wherever. She calls me to do things for her and brushes so near me that I've started letting my hand touch her thigh and ass- ever so lightly. I'm sure that if I caught her alone in that building she'd let me do more. A lot more! But I'm also sure it would be disastrous. Same thing happened to me on another job when I was really young, and started to screw this slut in the warehouse at the end of the day just before closing. Without saying a word I had a handful of ass and she was reaching to pull me into her before I backed off. Not 20 seconds later the warehouse manager came by to clear the warehouse before he cut the power! I would have been the talk of the business and my then GF would have been done!

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