Sharon intruded my space (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

Sorry to bother you guys with my daily trials and tribulations around my lust and frotting, but I have to share. I've been trying to ignore Sharon all day, thanks to you guys' advice. But just 10 mins ago, she to my office cube. I kept myself close to the computer, with my legs underneath my desk, to show that I'm not interested anymore. But she wanted to get a better look at my screen to see my work. I don't have any guest seat in my cube, so she gets on her knees next to me to have a better look at my screen. She then grabbed my mouse, which is on the other side of the computer across the desk. She was all over me. But I did nothing. Reported on my work like a robot without any emotions or small talk. I coughed a little pretending I was coming down with something. After she rubbed her breasts all over me, and put her fragrant hair in licking distance from my mouth, she eventually got her report and left. I hope to not react to her advances anymore. Hopefully, she'll get the message and I can save my job from a future incident, which is going to come down hard on me. Thank you my brothers for reminding me what I already knew. Now I have to tell you about another co-worker Eileen, a young white Latina, who is having problems at home. She loves the color of my eyes, and has told me a few times already. I frotted her in the elevator yesterday, and i think she was game. But I'm not doing that anymore. The risks aren't worth it.

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