Lay the wood so good he Or she can't resist it (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Omg he she looked so youn even with the pound of makeup you can tell...
So we are in line I spot.... Them walking in 511 strong back and a ass ....that you can sit a glass on fit toned the girl on the other hand she was short Hispanic.... Keep in mind it's a gay bar straight people go in their as well so... So we get in their they headed straight to the bar I test the 511 hour glass ass out nothing under the dress and was cool no confertation so the girly girl had on this red dress I put my hand palm up she was cool with it it's packed ass shit so I get on the trans more fully ride for A few then jump on the girly girl this Indian guy I see he is a bisexual he Jumped on the Hispanic chick by the way she dark skin Hispanic with a fAt ass I m on the trans 6minutes in I look back over my shoulder and the Indian dude body shivering like The Extercis done hit home heAd lol turns to weird in back of her head I speed up as well turning and rubbing the pipe like it's going out of style and a boom whop Dam thank you man I pull out and put it up on this white chicks pants
It hit her brown swaid boots I put it up and left early went to see the photographer...ooooo that was a good good night 😓😓😓😓 shit I Am so so horny right now I am going to wank myself to sleep ya dig me if ya in the west Hollywood area come join lesbian chicks let ya ride trans 100 percent also chicks that support their friends or cousin come on out with ya shit and quit bullshittin with ya self... I am out to handle the mandel tear this lotion up ya dig until Friday peace

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