Crashed Sharon's ass (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I have a hot 40s upper management coworker who may have the hots for me. Let's call her Sharon. She has short brown hair was really pretty once, isn't fat, isn't thin, but has meaty enough body, with decent size hips, shapely arse and medium breasts. She and a few others in her category have been eyeing me lately. I'm the only single guy. So a few days ago Sharon accidentally touched my dick when we waited in line at standing against a wall during a fire drill. So she is game, and today I decided to find out. I followed her into office kitchen to get coffee. While she was making her cup, i stoid next to her very close facing her side,but not touching. As we spoke about work related things, with mostly me asking about a recent change, blah blah, she starts moving about as she stirs her coffee. I'm still facing her side, and he moves the side of her hip into my dick. Perfect, it felt just like the subways. At this point, in not listening to her, but just nodding. My back is to door, so one can see. I push my dick into the side of her hip (sounds lame, but better than nothing), until I harden and grow. Isee her cheeks turn red. Awesome. She pushes back to feel my size as I grow. She moves her hip left and right to help stimulate me. She felt me with her hip, pulled away, took her coffee, and left. I stood there with a raging hard on, proceeded with my coffeeas I calmed myself down, spilled some water on my pants to mask the precum leak, and have been daydreaming on cloud nine since. I know its not a hump, not even close to coming, and its not much now,but I'll take whatever comes my way. Happy Valentines.

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