BUT . . .

I came back strong just one night later!


Last night at the bars, Shogun took his chikan experimentation and subsequent pleasure to new heights. I went out on the town with two female friends. Actually, I knew only one of them initially, but she had brought her cousin with her. The cousin was so, so pretty . . . from the midwest . . . that "corn fed" innocent look . . . blonde and blue eyed . . . soft skin like fresh milk with just the right amount of pink in her cheeks (the cheeks on her face perverts). I determined that I would have to touch her during this outing when the time was right.

We ended up going to 4 different bars. The first two were real duds. But I did manage to put a light "butt smack" on the cousin as we went through admission at the second place. But things didn't heat up until bar number 3. When they said they wanted to go to that part of town, all I could think was "goody, goody, GOODY!" This meant that I could now grope some female buttcheeks . . . maybe even touch a pussy mound again! YEAH!

When we got to bar number 3, the place was PACKED! Fuckin ay yeah! I knew I would now have an opportunity to caress some strange female ass crack! Maybe even get a good feel of Miss Blonde Cousin. When we got in, I found plenty of opportunities to touch some ass. I made an excuse to separate from my friends by telling them I wanted to walk around a bit and check the place out. They were OK with that. On my first pass through the bar, I saw a big ass blonde wearing jeans leaning over the bar with her fuckin cheeks stickin way out. It was like an invitation! "Finger my crack! Finger my crack!" her ass called out to me!

Not being one to want to disappoint, I got behind this big ass blonde in the crowded bar and ran my finger the length of her crack . . . from cleft to lower cheeks. No reaction. I enjoyed this action very much, but standing next to us on the left was this petite brunette leaning against the bar with a plaid looking skirt protecting her shapely hams. I decided I wanted a feel of that too! So, I pushed to the left of the big ass blonde whose crack I had just explored and got closer to the bar. Actually, the petite brunette was turned sideways and was blocking my advance to the bar. Like I was upset by this.

When asked for my order, I leaned over and gave it . . . touching the little brunette on her booty in PLAIN VIEW of the big ass blonde and the guy she was talking too! It was all very subtle, so nobody noticed a thing except for the brunette maybe. But still, she gave no reaction. When my beer was brought to me and it was time to pay, I really leaned forward and gave that little bum a good rub! I know she felt it cuz the brunette now really shifted her buttcheeks away from my wandering hand, never looking back. Probably thought it was just a mistake or something. I didn't give a rip . . . I had gotten what I wanted.

I got my beer and then returned to where my two friends were now standing. This short,pretty ass blonde came up in front of me and was swaying to the music . . . not really dancing with anybody. I looked at her and smiled . . . she smiled back, closed her eyes and continued to dance. She then moved behind me and got into a conversation with these guys she seemed to know. BINGO!!!! Time to go into "parade rest" and get that ass! I had already seen that she had a big bubble butt in some thin black pants! I knew this shit was gonna be good . . . and it was. Read on my brothers.

So with Ms. Bubble Butt having moved behind me, I put my left hand behind my back in parade rest position, and my palm was right on her fuckin booty cheeks! YAY-UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I love this fuckin shit chikans!!! Man I LOVE it! Because her slacks were so thin, I could feel EVERYTHING! Her buns were soft and jiggly, but yet with the right amount of firmness. And the bitch had a deep crack tooooooooooooooooooo . . . siiighhhh!!!

To make matters even more favorable, she was really animated in the discussion . . . bending over and pushing her ass out and jumping up and down! This was total heaven to Shogun. She was so animated and pushing her ass out so much that I applied more pressure and got my middle AND index finger touching her buttocks crack, but mostly my index finger. She pushed back hard, I applied more pressure, AND I COULD FEEL THE LOWER END OF HER TAILBONE WHERE IS SINKS INTO THE BOOTY CLEFT!!!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKIN GAWD! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKIN GAWD!!!!!!!!! My DICK was so fuckin HARD! Especially since my two friends were standing right there talking with me! I continued to feel up that bubble butt until my prey moved off in the crowd.

However, it wasn't long before ANOTHER blonde was behind me with her ass turned to me. Fellas . . . fellas . . . CHIKANS!!!! If you like blondes, then this town is like you died and gone to Heaven. Blondes, blondes, BLONDES EVERYWHERE!Anyway, another blonde bitch was behind me, so of course, I was damn straight gonna use my newly patented method to "booty stroke" her dumper too! Left hand goes behind back . . . PAYDIRT! Her fuckin bum was in my palm. I'm tellin you dudes . . . the chikan parade rest method invented by Black Shogun WORKS! DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!

So there I was with yet another wonderful blonde, female bum in my palm. This one was wearing jeans and was also animated. Her own motions made my slick hand run all over her fuckin bottom cheeks. Left cheek . . . right cheek . . . into the crack . . . every fuckin where. And because she was so animated, it was safe to apply additional pressure. I did so and felt the fuckin lower tail bone where it sinks into the crack on THIS bitch too!!!! MAN, MAN, MAN!!! What a fuckin night for feeling up fine white ho's right up their fuckin BITCHIN BUTTS! YYYEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I love that feeling of pushing through their soft booty flesh and hittin bone. Oh GAWD!!! I'm gonna pass out right now thinking about this!

I'm not sure how much time actually passed in bar number three, but with only about 45 minutes to go until closing time, my friends suggested that we go check out a fourth bar . . . my heart raced with excitement and anticipation . . . it was one of my two favorite bars for conducting "the practice of chikan" . . . and the same bar I had been ejected from the night before! I hadn't planned to go back so soon, but fate was calling to me now. And so off we went.

When we got to the stairway entrance, Mr. Gorilla Bouncer was there checking ID's with another "hired goon." I didn't give two shits. He looked at me . . . then looked again . . . recognizing me from the night before. The motherfucker said nothing . . . good because I wasn't about to take any shit this night. To avoid any possible confrontation, I showed my ID to the other goon who let me pass without incident. I watched Gorilla Bouncer carefully out of the corner of my eye for the rest of the night to see if he was watching me. For the most part, he paid me no attention. But I did see him talking to the other goon and looking my way. Probably telling him he had to ask me to leave the other night. But after that, I pretty much did not feel as if I was being watched.

After ordering some drinks, my female friends decided they wanted to walk around a bit. So we began to move with friend number one leading the way . . . and her blonde, innocent cousin . . . in front of me :-)))))) NOW WAS THE TIME! Blondie cousin was wearing a leather jacket that covered her buttocks cheeks, which were further protected by some thin white pants. The coat was so long that it really got in the way. No matter . . . I decided to pull another "Master Frotteur" on her bitchin butt.

I decided that in order to get a feel of the cousin's bum, I was just gonna have to lift the coat up and go for it. I don't have a lot of experience with the "lifting the coat manuever," but now was the time to "learn by doing!" Adding to the danger and the excitement was that Mr. Gorilla Bouncer was standing just overhead in the stairwell checking ID's!!!! Well, I fuckin went for it! But first, I made sure Mr. Gorilla wasn't aware of my "troop movements." His back was to us as he checked ID's. GOOD! GOODY, GOODY, GOODY!!!!

Seeing that the coast was clear, I lifted blonde cousin's leather coat up just enough to slide the index finger of my right hand under it! Because the crowd was thick and there was some jostling, lifting the coat was easy to do. I wasn't sure where my finger would land in there, but I hit RIGHT IN HER SOFT POOTY CRACK! GAWD JESUS! GAWD JESUS!!!! CHIKANS!!! MY FELLOW CHIKANS!!! It was one of the SOFTEST, most DELICATE blonde girl bum cracks I have EVER touched in my LIFE! I ran my index finger through most of the length of that innocent, "corn fed" CORNHOLE OF A CRACK and as blonde cousin walked. It only lasted a few seconds, but my dick got RAGING HARD! I removed my finger from her pooty crack and let the coat fall back down over blonde cousins butt. But what I really wanted to do was pull her to me and tell her that I loved her buttcrack and wanted to butt fuck her in her soft A-hole! Whew!

I decided that I wanted to scout around in the bar to see what other hind quarters I could find to my liking. I came up with the pretense that I had to go to the bathroom and would be right back. Shogun was off on a "scouting party." On the way back to my friends, I spotted one of the most absolute delictible white girl ONIONS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ALL MY YEARS! I decided that there was no way I could pass without a touch. Shogun is always improvising and trying new things.

I decided to pass the onion ass bitch on the right. By going that route, her fuckin BIG ONION ASS . . . covered only by skin tight, thin, black material trousers would be turned to me and lined up nicely for my touchy feely hands. I would use the crowd as an excuse for bumping her ass with my hand. Having determined my strategy, it was time for implementation! I made my approach . . . her fuckin big KEISTER RIPE for the taking. I let the crowd jostle me into her BUM. As I passed, I took my left hand and held it downward in a kind of "tomahawk chop" position, if you know what that is. I know the yanks reading this do. Anyway, with my hand in that position, I began to move it sideways back and forth . . . from her right ass cheek into the crack . . . then back again . . . then right ass cheek into her deep crack . . . then back again . . . like . . .like a windshield wiper blade on a car! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!

I kind of let my hand and part of my arm linger against her big arse. The bitch turned around and gave me a look and looked back at what was rubbing her large cheeks, but Shogun was off! She gave me a glancing look, and then turned back to her friend and said something. Who knows what.

I returned to where my two friends were standing and our three-way conversation continued. ANOTHER BLONDE ended up behind me with her ass turned to me. She was short and petite and with a nice round booty in jeans. AT EASE MEN!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Shogun's left arm went behind his back and yeah . . . don't you know it . . . I was CUPPIN her FUCKIN ASS in my palm. Man. What took me so long to discover this parade rest method??? Anyway, the bitch was bendin over and she was puttin her HIND SHINE right in my hand! This went on for several minutes until she and her friends moved. Again, nobody noticed a thing. My dick was HARD! I kept an eye on Mr. Gorilla Bouncer. All was well.

Before the night was over, I decided I want to try to finger some passing pussy if I could, like the night before. It's not an easy thing to do. One chick passed . . tried to get her . . . missed the "mark." Another . . . same result. But then I struck the "sweet spot." A cute, petite East Indian lookin girl with brown skin and jet black hair approached through the crowd on my left. She was wearing tight stretch pants and I could see the shape and contour of her little "pee pee mound." Hahahaha! As she jostled through, a friend behind her, I simply reached out with my upturned left hand AND PUSHED MY FUCKIN MIDDLE FINGER LIGHTLY INTO HER PUSSY MOUND! I COULD FEEL THE THIN MATERIAL GIVE WAY TO MY PRESSURE AND MY MIDDLE FINGER SANK IN A BIT! FUCK! EVEN BETTER THAN LAST NIGHT! As I did this, I looked at her and said excuse me! Hahahahaha! She kind of gave me this look . . . I don't know how to describe it . . . a cross between confusion and anger and annoyance I think . . . not sure how to descibe it. The East Indian girl turned and said something quickly to her friend. I concluded that it didn't have anything to do with my fingering of her cunny since the friend kept smiling and showed no alarm and payed me no attention.

Now, while all these things were happening, my two friends were standing nearby. Plus, Mr. Gorilla bouncer was in the house. All of this added to my intense excitement and my dick was very, very hard by now. Shortly after my successful dig into some East Indian "pee hole", my friends were ready to leave. I walked up the steps and never gave a glance to Mr. Gorilla Bouncer. When we were outside, we said our goodbyes. Sweet, sweet pretty blonde cousin said, "It was nice to meet you Black Shogun!" Hahahaha! Well actually, she said my name :-) I thought to myself . . . if only she knew the truth . . . that I had slid her coat up and fingered her soft, milky white buttocks crack and wanted to start butt humping her right then and there . . . if only she knew!

Black Shogun!!!

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