Re: "Chikan Parade Rest Method"

Although I didn't have a name for it Black Shogun, that was the exact "method" that got me into serious trouble. One of the 2 times in my decades of chikanning. Without too much detail (because the consequences of my actions still bother me), I was in that same exact position, minus the beer, when I got caught. Believe me, I wish I'd just gotten kicked out of a bar! What happened to me was a life-changing event (no, no jail time- not even police involvement) But it was and is an embarrassing moment in my life. All because I got too carried away with that "move". Ironically I'd done it hundreds of times with no problems. Well, there was one other incident where I was quietly confronted by my target- she almost whispered in my ear that she was "aware of my perverted behavior". But that was all she did about the matter. The big incident happen to a repeat target. One I'd molested 3-4 times in the same manner before. She just got fed-up OG me feeling her up! Now I only use that method in packed festivals.

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