Agree that grabbing is not the best idea. One of the few times over my long career that I ran into trouble, I did that in a bar. Wrote a story about it a very long time ago. I re-publish the story here:


Last night I went to a couple of my favorite bars and ended up practicing a new chikan technique. It had not been my plan to do this. It just sort of happened. Things went great at first, but then I ran into a little trouble whilst I tried to perfect the technique. In the end, all turned out well. Here's what happened.

I stopped off at the first of the bars I would visit for the night and grabbed a beer. Things really had not gotten crowded yet. It definitely was not a time to try to hump somebody. But Shogun was feeling a little bit like a daredevil last night! I calculated that there just might be a way to cop a feel, even in the situation the way things stood.

I spied a tall, cute 20-something blonde with Jennifer Anniston type hair. She had a pretty face and an OK bum tucked into her jeans and was talking to guy and gal friends who were standing all around. I went and stood behind her. After getting fairly close, I turned my back to her. I held a beer in my right hand, and then placed my left hand behind my back . . . as if standing at parade rest in the military . . . with my left palm held open.

Well, using this technique, I had blondie's bum cheeks in my palm! I could clearly feel the contours of her booty in my hand! Also, as she moved and shifted and bent over to talk to her friends, it was if my hand was cupping her buttcheeks! I even managed to feel her thigh! While all of this was happening, nobody noticed a thing. The pose that I was in was very natural and nonthreatening. I decided to call this newly discovered technique (new to me anyway) the chikan "parade rest method." Hahahaha!

Having had initial success with my experimentation, I decided to continue on with it to see just how effective the method really was. I saw a 20-something brunette out of the corner of my eye with a big PHAT ass stuffed into some dark jeans! ARRRRRRRR!!! Shogun wanted a feel of that big fuckin BUM!!! So, I walked over behind her and did the same thing. Turned my back to her . . . beer in my right hand . . . left hand nonchalantly behind my back with palm open. DAYUMMMMMM! I had the young bitch's fuckin BIG ARSE CHEEKS all in my hand! I SLIGHLY rubbed my hand all over her cheeks, letting her own motions do most of the work. It was like palming basketballs! Hahahaha!

Well, well, well! It looked like Shogun had something here! The chikan parade rest method was allowing me to cop some "booty strokes" and nobody had a fuckin clue. I decided I would continue on with the experiment . . . go one more time to be sure this thing could fly! I saw a very tall and attractive girl in her 20's come in. She had brownish hair with blonde streaks in it that was pulled back, and she was wearing a very thin leather coat. I really couldn't see what she was wearing under the coat or the exact contours of her ass cheeks, but I decided to give it a go anyway because the coat was so thin.

So, I moved in behind her. By now, you know how I took up the chikan parade rest stance. Approach prey . . . get close enough . . . turn your back . . . beer in right hand (could be left hand too though . . . doesn't matter) . . . and left hand behind my back at parade rest with open palm. Sure enough, I easily had the bitch's butt in my palm! I could feel her trim hams through the thin material of the jacket. My fingers identified both cheeks and her tight crack, her movement doing all the work! I was convinced that I had something here. Shogun has made a new chikan discovery!

Having had such luck, I decided to push it! It was so exciting to have my hand on that girl's bum while she stood there talking to all these people . . . I think all of them were guys! I decided to see if I could get away with an out and out squeeze of her booty cheeks! I applied more pressure and gave a gentle squeeze . . . my digits sunk into her fleshy arse meat and then released. WRONG MOVE! The bitch turned around and saw my hand and told the guys with her that I had grabbed her ass! The guys just smiled! Hahahaha! Then she pushed me on my shoulder and asked me what my problem was. I said, "I don't have a problem! What's your problem?" Then she tried to grab my beer bottle out of my hand like she wanted to throw beer in my face or something! Of course, I didn't let her do this.

Well, her guy friends told her to just forget about it and seemed a bit amused by it all. It seemed like she was going to at first, but then she complained to a gorrila bouncer that I had grabbed her buttocks cheeks. For that, I was "ejected from the game." Hahahahaha! First time that has ever happened to me at a bar, but I really didn't give a shit! The way I saw it, not only did I cop a feel, but I got away with a hella lot more than she ever knew. HahahahahaHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! The last laugh goes to Shogun. Had she known the full extent of my "booty stroke", she may have called the cops! I told the "gorilla" and the chick that it was all "just a bunch of bullshit." No matter . . . I'll be back in a few weeks. And Mr. Gorilla Bouncer may not even be there anymore, the way those guys quit. But maybe it's his career job. Geesh.

I left that bar and went down the street to another place that, on average, is far better for the "practice of chikan." I was convinced that the chikan parade rest method was viable and that I had just blown it by getting greedy. I was determined to prove my theory right! I paid my admission fee and entered the bar. I went to work right away! But before starting, I decided one thing. While using the new method, I would NOT under ANY circumstances repeat my act of a butt squeeze while in parade rest mode. That was too risky. But other than that, IT WAS ON BABY!!!

Shogun got busy . . . working the bar with a vengeance. By the time closing time had come around, I probably had successfully "parade rest butt palmed" at least a dozen babes, none of them having a single clue. I did this to some of them a multiple number of times, usually with people standing all around! It was so very exciting to do this in those circumstances. One time, there was a bouncer behind me and I wondered if he had "picked up the trail." He knew nothing! Hahahahaha! SHOGUN was BACK on his A-GAME! My palm was all over female ass cheeks my brothers!

At one point during the night, I took some time to try to put my hand in female crotches as they brushed by in the busy and crowded bar. This was not so easy to do because of the way people would turn their bodies and stuff. But I did manage to pull it off with two chicks. With one of them, it just may have been the most arousing thing to happen all night. I REALLY, REALLY got her good. As she passed in the crowd facing me, I literally had my hand all between her legs! But what made it so arousing was that as she passed, I LOOKED HER SQUARELY IN THE EYES AND SAID, "EXCUSE ME." She took zero offense and just kept moving. I can't believe I FELT HER BETWEEN HER LEGS! Man, man, man. Where this site is leading me.

I took some time to do some other shit too. Did a little humping, but none of that activity amounted to much. This was more a night of the grope versus a night of the hump. Very unusual for Shogun. Not normal at all. There was a very attractive blonde waitress in the bar with a nice protuding onion ass. I stuck my finger in her pooty hole . . . could feel the material of her shorts sink into the crack! She turned her head slightly with a shocked smile on her face . . . surprised somebody would finger her butthole like this. She thought it was the guy directly behind her who did it :-)

That reminds me. When I was cruising around, I saw this guy bop this tall brunette on the bum with his hand. Because I was standing behind her with the guy on the side, she thought that maybe it had been me who had done it . . . she wasn't sure . . . but gave me a dirty look anyway. I leaned over to her and said, "Hey, it wasn't me. I've had my trouble for the night!" This time Shogun was telling the truth! The boy who cried wolf? Hahaha!

Well, the guy who had done it fessed up because he was trying to hit on the chick. Took some nerve for him to do that. When she found out who had done it, the girl looked at me and very sweetly said, "I'm sorry!!!" Now how many times does such a withdrawal of complaint occur when a chikan stands accused??? For once, Shogun received the heartfelt apology from a piece of chikan ass!

Now. ATTEEEENNNTION! All in all, I would say that the night was a success. The chikan "parade rest method" works. Just don't attempt a butt squeeze while doing it and you will be OK! OK? AAATTTTTT Ease! Dismiiisssed!

Black Shogun!!!

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